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Shop Opening Times 

Monday          10-5pm
Tuesday          CLOSED
Wednesday     10-5pm
Thursday        10-5pm
Friday             10-5pm
Saturday        10-5pm
Sunday           10-5pm

Why not come and visit our Bells and Whistles shop situated on the North Norfolk coast road in Thornham. Nestled in the shopping destination of Drove Orchards on the A149 coast road in Thornham, you will find a handpicked collection of unique clothing and gifts for children ages 0-10yrs, new baby gifts, accessories and beachwear and our very popular Marble Pick'n'mix!

For enquiries please email or call Georgie on 01485 525676 anytime.

Bells and Whistles Kids, Drove Orchards, on the A149 coast road, Thornham, Norfolk PE36 6LS